Why Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal was formed?

This question is asked very often that what is the main reason behind the formation of MMA muttahida majlis amal. What was the major happening of that time that made all the Islamic parties of Pakistan to sit together and form a alliance to contest the election 2002. Welcome to mma here you will get all the answers related to this.

First of all it is very necessary to understand the national and international events that were happening that time. It was the time when the US started to attack the Taliban Government aiming to eliminate them. As the Taliban Govt was according to the islamic rules so thats why it got support from the top Islamic Political Parties of Pakistan too.

As we know Pakistan was the partner of USA in this war. Musharaf was the president of Pakistan that time. ALL the religious parties wanted Pakistan not to go against the Taliban so that why for putting pressure on the Govt of Pakistan all religious parties joined together to form MMA.

Islamic Rule in Pakistan

Pakistan is a muslim majority country and most of the rules and law is according to the teaching of Islam but still that time the leaders of religious parties were used to think that Pakistan is becoming the secular as time is passing, same thing still present.

So the leaders of religious parties used to think Musharaf as a secular leader so they formed an Islamic alliance mma to counter him.

These are the two main reasons behind the formation of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal. If you want to discuss or add something you can comment on this post with your thinking. We will love to reply.

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