TLP, a new extremist group in Pakistan?

TLP stands for Tehreek Labik Pakistan. It was founded by Molvi Khadim Husain Rizvi wo later died last year and now his son Saad Rizvi is the leader of TLP.

In this article we will discuss about the extremist behavior of TLP. As we all know that tlp is famous for deadly protests in Pakistan. There is no protest happened in the history of TLP without violence. What are the reasons behind this?

Is TLP funded by external enemies?

A few month back when Govt detained the leader of tlp Saad Rizvi, huge protests were organized by this party and as usual these protests turns into violence and a number of policemen were beaten to death along with protestors too. That time the information minister blamed TLP that it is receiving online support from indian accounts on social media. And as a general people we also observed this on twitter that a large number of fake account were created in favor of TLP. These fake accounts were posting fake news, edited pictures and videos to encourage the violence between the people and were making these people to use religion as a tool to stand against the state.

Is it the judicial system lost its trust?

If we look into the background of every protest we will see that people started to take law into hands in every matter. Why is this happening? Every time a political leader convicted by court, the supporters of that party come out on streets for protests. Also when someone found guilty still the judicial system take much time to justice and this delay in justice causing huge damage to the society. This make people think that going unto legal matters will get them nothing and they start to take law into own hands. This is a step towards the destruction of a nation or a country. This maybe a reason that people turning into violent. The Government of Pakistan should consider this as a very big and serious issue and need to take urgent steps.

Religion Card

We know religion is very important in our life and specially the Muslims of Sub-continent take it very seriously when someone points to there religion. But as we live in this society we can say that people now a days not follow religion properly but always be ready to attack other on the base of religion. Also people use the religion in personal affairs to counter the opposite. Its like if you have problem with someone you just put blasphemy allegations and there you go. To measure these issue and to stop it the Govt needs to take serious steps and define clear rules about it and make people to follow.

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