Introduction of electronic voting system in Pakistan

The elections in Pakistan are always controversial. From the 1st election in the history of Pakistan to this latest election which was held in 2018, the losing parties always blame the rigging in elections by the winner party. So to make the elections more fair and clear the Election Commission of Pakistan was supposed to use the technology according to the needs. But ECP delayed it. Also no other Govt took serious steps. But the present Govt is now fully trying to implement the Electronic voting system in Pakistan.

Electronic Voting Machine

Electronic voting machine or EVM made in Pakistan was introduced by the Ministry of Science and Technology Pakistan last year.

Its demos was presented before the Prime Minister, Opposition and Election Commission of Pakistan. But the sad news is both the ECP and the Opposition parties are not satisfied with the EVMs.

We will talk about it later that why opposition do not want the next election conduct via EVMs but first we have to understand the EVM.

This Pakistan made EVM is consisted of three parts.

  1. Verify the voter via cnic according to NADRA database
  2. Voter will press the button in front of the name and symbol of the candidate to cast the vote.
  3. Vote will be counted and a printed slip will be generated with the same vote which voter will put in ballot box for record.

So it is this simple. But still the ECP said that the people will not be able to vote because the most of people do not understand the technology.

National Assembly Passed Law for Electronic Voting

  • Last month the National Assembly of Pakistan has also passed a law to conduct the next general election in Pakistan via Electronic Voting.
  • Also the Punjab Assembly made a law to conduct the upcoming local body elections via EVMs.

Concerns of opposition regarding EVMs

  • Time is very short to produce EVMs on this large scale.
  • Why Govt is making EVMs. It should be made by Election Commission of Pakistan.
  • EVMs are not secure.
  • These can be hacked.
  • Government will use EVMs to rig the elections.

Concerns of Election Commission of Pakistan

ECP also have some issues regarding the evms.

  • People of Pakistan will not be able to use this technology.
  • Time is short.
  • Voter can do odd things with machines.
  • What if someone put “Elfy” on the buttons of machine.

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