Contribution of cement industry in gdp of Pakistan

Cement industry is one of the fastest growing industry in Pakistan. Contribution of cement industry in gdp of Pakistan will be discuss here.

First of all we need the answer to this question that “what is the importance of cement industry to Pakistan?”

If you already know even a little about the GDP term and you read about the gdp growth of different countries than you must have an idea that the Construction in any country plays an important roll in the growth of any country. And this construction industry shows the importance of cement industry for any country.

Industries in Pakistan

If talk about the top main industries than agriculture is on top because 70% population of Pakistan is living in the villages and agriculture is the main source of income for them mostly. Other industries in Pakistan are following.

  1. Cement
  2. Sugar
  3. Steel
  4. Pharmaceutical
  5. Synthic fiber
  6. Textile
  7. Leather

Cement Industry in Pakistan

As Pakistan is a developing country and the construction of buildings, bridges and dams are always going on so it creates the huge demand of cement. You will be surprised to know that the cement prices is lowest in Pakistan as compare to the other countries in the region. This is because Pakistan has huge sources of rocks that are the main components of the cement. But having these rocks naturally cannot make a country a cement rich because there is a very many steps to go through to get fine cement that can be used for construction purpose.

Here are these steps.

  • Quarrying
  • Crushing
  • Secondary Crushing
  • Proportioning Equipment
  • Grinding
  • Preheater
  • Cement Kiln
  • Clinker Cooler
  • Gypsum
  • Cement Silo

Contribution of cement industry in GDP of Pakistan

Cement Industry contribution in GDP of Pakistan is 3.5%. Last year Pakistan┬┤s cement exports were near about 700 million dollar which was increase of 47% than previous year and it made country the 5th largest cement exporter. There are total 24 cement companies of cement in Pakistan and e of them are controlled by the armed forces.

Here is the list of top cement companies in Pakistan and their share in market.

  • Bestway Cement 17%
  • Lucky Cement Limited 16%
  • DG Khan Cement 9%
  • Faugi Cement 7%
  • Maple Leaf 7%
  • Dewan Cement Limited 6%
  • Askari Cement Limited 6%
  • Kohat Cement Company 6%
  • Cherat Cement 5%
  • Gharib Cement Limited 4%
  • Others 17%

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